Specializing in the Commercialization of Medical Devices and Emerging Technologies
Since it’s founding in 1998, Vector Resources, L.C. has been assisting CEOs, senior management, entrepreneurs and investors with the successful commercialization of new medical devices and emerging device technologies in the U.S. marketplace.

In addition to serving U.S. medical device companies, Vector also assists foreign based medical device companies in the evaluation and commercialization of their products in the U.S. medical device marketplace. This has included medical device companies with head offices located in Austria, Australia, Canada, France and the U.K.

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Recognized as Industry Leader in Bringing Medical Devices to Market

Medical Device Manufactures Association (MDMA) regional Product Commercialization Workshops held in cooperation with and moderated by Vector Resources, LC.

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Confirm Clinical & Commercial Viability

To be successful, a new medical device or emerging technology must effectively and realistically address the three Product Commercialization Imperatives.

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Understand the Full Range of Commercialization Options

There is a range of well proven product commercialization strategies for medical devices;

  • Licensing
  • Technology transfer
  • Direct employee sales & marketing
  • Strategic partnering with an established market player
  • Use of independent Specialty Distributors and / or Sales Reps
  • Successful blending of selected commercialization strategies

However, not all commercialization strategies are equally effective for all products, companies or business objectives, and some are simply the wrong choice for a given set of circumstances.

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Select Appropriate Commercialization Strategy Working closely with its clients, Vector Resources

Identifies commercialization strategies that are appropriate for a product, technology and set of business objectives
Tailors proven strategies that have a proven track record of success, to reflect the realities of the client’s product and the targeted marketplace
Explores and explains the advantages, risks and resource requirements of each option.

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Implement a Successful Commercialization Strategy

Capable implementation is a key to making any commercialization strategy a success.

Vector has years of medical device industry experience in successfully implementing a full range of commercialization strategies. The firm tailors the focus, level, and duration of assignments to meet specific needs of a project. Involvement can range from confidential “off-line” critique to comprehensive plan creation and hands-on implementation.

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Look to Vector Resources for Critical Path Resources

If you have a commercialization strategy in-place or under construction;

  • Confirm a direction
  • Accelerate implementation
  • Add industry expertise
  • Consider a new perspective

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More than 40 Years of Experience in the Medical Device Industry

Clients benefit from the long and extensive experience of Vector. The founding partners bring over four decades of combined experience in;

  • Product Commercialization
  • Transaction Management
  • General Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Domestic / International

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